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Madara putting Black Zetsu in place for later use. And we know quite a bit about what Zetsu can do, we’ve been seeing what they can do since the end of the Pain Invasion arc. And trying to claim that Madara’s plan never mentioned Zetsu is moot when said plan never went into specifics. Point remains that we were told that Black Zetsu was made for that purpose, and trying to claim that it was luck when Madara had a direct hand in bring it about is ridiculous. And there’s quite a difference, especially when the part talking isn’t the part that later comes to help Madara.

naruto manga 622

naruto manga 622

First off, I’m not claiming anything about Obito’s defeat. Obito is inconsequential to this discussion as already pointed out. Whether he lived or died, he would have been Madara’s puppet. Secondly, Zetsu does matter, because the entire claim about “luck” being involved is centered around Black Zetsu helping him and we are shown that Black Zetsu was always meant to do what he did (he declares that to Obito right before). Madara calling Black Zetsu to the battlefield hours before makes Zetsu’s actions directly due to Madara’s action, meaning there isn’t anything lucky about Black Zetsu helping Madara. And thirdly, your argument doesn’t even fit the situation. The phrase “beggars can’t be choosers” only fits if said person has to do without something, which isn’t the case here. Everything Madara intended still happened, the only change is simply the order of events.

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