Naruto 689 Spoilers – Kakashi’s Sharingans upgraded to Eternal Mangekyu

Naruto fans should watch out for the Naruto 689 spoiler and keep coming here to check the latest Naruto 689 chapter scans. Naruto manga 656 is heading towards one more of its beautiful chapter which is yet to release this Wednesday.

naruto manga 689

naruto manga 689

during all those eye gauging and pluckings obito’s sharingans upgraded to ems power levels.

what i am trying to say is, i am unable to understand this mess at all. just enjoy the every combat-centred shonen, Naruto is becoming a “Dragon Ball Z” one where every fodder at the end of the manga is stronger than all of the heroes at the beginning of the manga.

Kakashi who would stay at the hospital for a week just for using his sharingan can now spam susano’o (don’t even get me on that eyes-transplant phase)

two years ago, they told us a bijuudama was the strongest and deadliest bomb ever, now nine bijuudama are useless.

in four years (manga time), Sasuke and Naruto have become the strongest of the strongest.
if they want, they, now, can unite and destroy and trash every ninja alive (kage or not).
when I remember, the first years of this manga and the chuunin exam and if i compare it with the force/energy/destruction potential level of this war is live comparing a lego car to a formula one car…


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