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Naruto Manga 690 – Progression Kaguya needs

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naruto 690 manga

naruto 690 manga

You’re talking about how much progression Kaguya needs and saying Sakura’s progression shouldn’t have been there. Kaguya is a shit character from like 20 chapters, Sakura is a fairly good character who’s been around the entire series. Her progression comes before Kaguya’s. Add this in with the fact that leaving Sakura out would mean the Team 7 progression would be incomplete, then your way is really shitty writing. So Sakura’s punches are 8th gated Gai level? Also, what is with that line about women? Why is Kakashi able to hurt Kaguya but Sasuke couldn’t?

Kaguya talked a lot in this chapter and pulled off something OP move which is an improvement. That was the only positive in this chapter. The rest is bullshit.
The only thing I hate about this chapter is sakura’s participation on hitting kaguya. She’s freaking full of herself like how she activate her byakugou from the last time. Then out of the blue, she becomes freaking useless yet again.

I hope kaguya will make her counter attack and spank sakura’s useless ass.

I doubt kaguya will be defeated by those attack. So I think the team 7 will knows hell in the next chapter.